About Us


We understand that in these times when it seems harder to find someone to trust, we are all looking to service companies that offer fair pricing, quality workmanship, and integrity. At By The Book Plumbing, we would like to prove to each one of our customers that we also value these characteristics and that we’ll go above and beyond what is expected.

With over twenty five years of experience in the plumbing industry, By The Book Plumbing is proud to offer not only service with integrity but also, the latest technology to our customers.

One of the primary reasons that By The Book Plumbing has become one of the most trusted names in the plumbing industry for California residents is our commitment to using only the highest quality equipment from today’s most respected manufacturers. We proudly install the best equipment from world leaders in the plumbing technology, with quality you can trust.

We offer hydro-jetting, which is the best way to restore your pipes to their original capacity! We also offer in-line camera inspections and locator services, so that you’ll be able to see the problem within your pipe. Pinpointing the exact location allows us to diagnose more effectively, saving you money.

Looking to re-line your old sewer line instead of replacing it? With our state of the art re-lining equipment, it will eliminate all cracks, leaks, holes, or roots that may be causing trouble to your system. Any walls, floors, foundations, driveways, landscape, or sidewalks will remain intact during this process, saving you thousands of dollars in repairs.

With electronic leak detection, we can locate underground problems quickly. Slab breakage and repairs are kept to a minimum – and that means less cost for you.

We vow to make every customer a lifetime friend and to treat your home or business as if it were our own. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send us an e-mail or give us a call. We strive for top notch service, and we’re always pleased to hear from our customers!