Humidifiers in San Diego

Humidifiers in San Diego

Air that is below 30% relative humidity inside your home can make everyone inside feel uncomfortable. This can cause dry skin, nosebleeds and even lead to infections. If anyone has asthma, it can aggravate the condition. The drying of your skin caused by the dry air can also lead to cracked skin, wrinkles and the increased effects of aging. In addition to its effects on you, dry air can cause wood paneling, musical instruments and furniture to crack. If you have a piano, it can even cause it to go out of tune more quickly.

To counteract dry air within your home, consider installing a whole house humidifier. These systems can make your home feel more comfortable, protect your instruments and furniture, and give you healthier skin. During the winter, it can help you save energy because humidified air feels much warmer at lower temperatures than dry air.

Humidifiers in San Diego.
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